Friday, May 8, 2015

Frugal Friday 90

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Annabeth and I went on a lunch date to Benjamin's. A nice lady gave Annabeth $1 to buy herself a cookie. The kids meals there come with a cookie so we added the $1 as an extra tip to the tip jar.

- We went to Dollar Tree and found some good deals using up part of gift cards from Christmas. We were able to get some new bubbles for outside and also found some deer themed party favors for the Deer Party Annabeth wants to have for her birthday.

- We went to Kohl's to purchase a couple of more 3 month outfits for Owen, as much of what we were gifted was 6 months and larger. They were also two sets that I have been waiting to go on sale and they finally went! While there, Annabeth found a little Palace Pet toy that she wanted. I agreed to let her get it if she chose a toy at our house to get rid of. She chose her foam playhouse! We received it as a hand-me-down this winter and with Owen coming it takes up way too much space. I was more than happy to let her trade that out for a tiny dog that fits in her hands. Our friends the Stairs, who have four girls and a big basement playroom, will enjoy it I am sure!

- Mark and Annabeth went to Lowe's to purchase their flowers and soil for this year. Each spring they spend time picking out flowers and planting them together. Mark still had some gift card money from Christmas so he did not pay out of pocket for them.

 Posing with her new flowers. She was so proud to have "big girl" pigtails today! 

- Saturday I went, alone!, to Target to pick up items on our registry. They did not have the size wipes I had registered for so I called Mark and had him add the ones they did have to the list. Also, I looked at a toy tote in person and decided it was what I wanted. Since the tote was on sale this week, Mark added that as well. Then, I checked out with a $1 off the wipes coupon + 15% off remaining registry items coupon. We saved enough with the coupons that the wipes were FREE!

- Annabeth and I refashioned our Derby hats with materials lying around the house. For hers we used a ribbon from Luke and Cassidy's wedding as well as a toy horse that has been used on our hats the past two years. I used ribbons and little roses from Grandma Chico and feathers from a Halloween project on mine. I thought we looked quite festive for free as we enjoyed watching the Kentucky Derby.

- On Monday, we got Annabeth her very own library card! We have been sharing mine but I realized that when Owen comes someone else may take her to story time the first few weeks. I knew that she would not like coming home without her books so we opened her own account.

- I made morning doctor appointments on Tuesday and later I realized it meant Annabeth would have to miss her gymnastics class. Class is $10/class/week, paid upfront each month, and nonrefundable. I spoke with the dance school owner and she allowed Annabeth to take her gymnastics on Monday evening with a different class and teacher so we would not lose our $10 on the missed session.

- Tuesday evening we played outside and found lots of caterpillars in our yard. Mark caught some of them and Annabeth enjoyed feeding them leaves. I am so thankful for my family that is happy to just enjoy nature together.

- I finished tagging all of the items for the Spring Consignment Sale. I only got 100 items tagged this season but made a point to tag the very high end pieces that she has outgrown. I do not have to turn items in until the third week in May but I was worried I may not have the energy to get it all done at that point. It was one of the last remaining Pre-Owen projects that I had to do and I am happy to have everything ready to go.

- Although it has reached temperatures in the 80s some days we have not turned our AC on. We, thankfully, have ceiling fans in about half of our rooms so we just enjoy eating, playing, and working in those spaces. Our house was also well designed so that our bedrooms and living rooms never have direct sunlight and all stay fairly cool.

We have been enjoying lots of sunshine days and have been trying to really soak up our last month as a family of three. We are looking forward to Owen's arrival in the next few weeks!

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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