Thursday, May 7, 2015

Words That Cut Through The Noise

I have found that often I find words of conviction and encouragement come at unexpected times and unexpected places. It never ceases to amaze me through who/what/where/when/how the Lord speaks to me.

Tuesday morning, I was registering at our hospital for our 36 week ultrasound and on the registrar's desk she had this:

Slow to anger
Abounding in love
Good to all
All who call upon You
You will rescue and forgive

This is why I live

You lived a life I could never live
You died the death, oh, that I deserve

She kept asking me questions but all I could do was stare at her handwritten note. I pulled a pen and paper out of my purse and began to write: "You lived a life I could never live. You died the death, oh, that I deserve." I had to remember the way it was written. She said, "Okay, you are good to go." I said, "Just a moment please, I am writing down your quote there."

She shared that it is actually lyrics to a song that she heard on K-Love. She said the first time she heard it, she pulled her car into a parking lot, and googled the lyrics on her phone and just read them over and over again while praying.

I wrote them down Tuesday on a scrap piece of paper and have been looking at them again and again. This week in school, Annabeth and I are working on understanding the Resurrection and I keep going back to the fact that Jesus really did live a life that none of us ever can. A perfect, sinless life and yet He is the one, the only one, that took it all to the cross. For us. For the most sinful and undeserving of people and He did it with grace and with love.

I pray that I may try to be good to all. I pray that I might try to live a better life and to never fail to remember the price He paid for me, for you. 

*Song lyrics from "That's How You Forgive" on Shane and Shane's album Bring Your Nothing. Publishing: Fair Trade Global Songs / River Oaks Music Company / Waiting Room Music (BMI) Writer(s): Shane Barnard

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