Monday, March 10, 2014

Discover the Dinosaurs

Last Thursday, Mark's parents called and asked if we wanted to spend Saturday at "Discover the Dinosaurs." Annabeth LOVES dinosaurs so we quickly said yes. Annabeth and I spent Friday making a themed outfit. I think it turned out pretty cute...

All of us really enjoyed the event (Discover the Dinosaurs Website). There were about 40 huge, moving dinosaurs, a place for for the kids to dig for bones, 3D pictures, bounce houses, mazes, a toddler dinosaur playground, dinosaur rides, gem mining, and even face painting.

It was a little dark and VERY loud so in the beginning Annabeth was afraid but snuggling Daddy made her brave.

Once we got to the toddler playground she decided that she really liked it.

We were so proud of her for riding her first ride! SO big!

Annabeth was definitely on the young end of children who would enjoy this event but I think she still had a lot of fun. She is still talking about the fact that she rode a dinosaur! That really thrilled her! :)

***A Note for Christian Families: This event does include signage that includes evolution 'facts.' Our family believes that the Bible is completely true and that every word in it is the Word of God. We do not believe in evolution or subscribe to "scientific evidence" as for the creation or age of the world. For families with older children who are reading, you may want to discuss what your family believes before they read the signs posted. Before going in, we explained to Annabeth that we believe that God created our world in 6 days, resting on the 7th, that he made the dinosaurs and took them away from the earth, and that we do not believe the earth to be millions of years old. Overall the event has a fun, family feel and is not designed as a museum where the posters are meant to be studied.***

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