Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lipstick Girls

My mama has a superpower.

As a little girl I was AMAZED by her ability to back the family car out of the garage while flawlessly putting on her lipstick. Every time. I was so in awe of the fact that she never hit the walls of the garage or messed up her lipstick. It was truly a superpower in my little girl eyes.

My Momaw also applies lipstick at the start of each day. As a child, it was a very few times that I saw her face without makeup. As soon as the first cup of coffee was finished her face went on.

Even still the two of the apply lipstick anytime they leave the house, at lunch after the meal is finished, usually without a mirror and always perfectly.

I have learned to do the same. I do it so often that Annabeth asks to have some as well as we head out the door. I have always agreed and so my two year old has painted lips. Often I put Annabeth in her carseat and exclaim, "Ah! Lipstick" and put mine on before leaving the garage. Last week, for the first time I did it, perfectly, while backing the car out of the garage. I now have my own Mama-Superpower.

Today the weather is beautiful and so I asked Annabeth:
"Please get ready for a walk. Please find your tennis shoes."
but Annabeth heard,
"Please get ready for a walk. Please put on your lipstick."

This is how I found her...

All I could do was grab the camera and capture the moment.

My Fourth Generation (maybe more) Lipstick Girl.

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Amy and Mark said...

Fifth Generation.

My mama shared that her Grandma was a Lipstick Girl as well