Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring 2014 Consignment Sale

Today is the day I turn in our Spring 2014 Consignment Sale items.

My goals:
- To tag at least 50 items
- To make $100+

How did I do?
- I tagged 95 items!!
- We will have to see on the $100+

I learned a lot from the fall sale - Pre Sale Post and Post Sale Wrap-Up

This time I tagged everything in under 2.5 hours!
I made sure to tag all toys and shoes first as they sell really well.
Then I tagged all items $5 or more since I will make the most money off of them.
Lastly, I tagged my less expensive items.

I started tagging on Friday figuring if something came up I would have the weekend to work on it as well. However, a rainy day meant that I was able to get everything tagged Friday afternoon. Annabeth helped by "organizing" items for me.

Our 24 months and 18 months stacks! 

Our whole tote packed and ready to go! :)

I will update after the sale with what sold well, what didn't, and how much I made.

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