Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Consignment Sale - Part 2 - Post Sale Wrap Up

I survived my first consignment sale as a consigner!

I will use this post as a wrap up and for suggestions for those who are considering consigning. You can also read part one of this series to see what I did to prepare for the sale.

My initial goals were:
1. Enter at least 50 items. Goal Met! I entered nearly 70 items!
2. Make $100. Goat met more than halfway! I made $57.50!

This particular sale was a Fall/Winter Sale so I was able to enter any items except: sandals, shorts, sleeveless dresses/shirts, and swimwear. I did go ahead and tag some t-shirts and more summer looking items in case people like to shop ahead like I do. I would say I had about 20 items that fit in this category and only 2 of them sold. In the future I think I will stick more to just the specific season for each sale.

Items that sold the best:
- 2 and 3 piece outfits
- Pants in very good condition
- 2T and above sized clothing (We had gotten quite a few hand-me-downs that did not meet our family's dress code - too low cut or too grown-up looking for a little girl)
- Character Clothing *ALL of these sold* (Again, these were hand-me-downs of Dora and Spongebob. I like character clothes but only ones that Annabeth actually has an interest in)
- Seasonally Specific  *ALL of these sold* Examples: Items with polar bears, snowflakes, and snowmen
- Holiday Outfits *ALL of these sold* This sale I had Halloween and Christmas items.

Items that did not sell:
- Printed shirts without coordinating bottoms
- Printed bottoms without coordinating tops
- Shoes :( Although I think I overpriced mine after I saw other people's prices
- Walmart and Kmart brand items

What I will do differently next time:
- I will try to keep matching outfits together so when I tag I can find them more easily
- I will try to create outfits with printed items of the same brand
- I will wait until Annabeth goes to bed so she is not "helping" me tag! :)

After I picked up my sale items on Sunday, I came home and went through them. I created three stacks:
1. Summer Items. These I left on hangers, with their tags, and will enter them in the April Spring/Summer Sale.
2. Fall/Winter Items to donate. Any items that seemed a bit outdated (I love those jumpers that look like what I wore as a kid but apparently no one else does!) or seemed worn I took to Goodwill.
3. Try Sell Again. I took about 15 items to Once Upon a Child in Indianapolis on Monday and was able to sell quite a few of them and made another $20. After that, I took the unsold items to Goodwill.

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this! I was able to make back $77.50 in just one weekend! $5 of that profit belongs to my sister-in-law for items that I sold for her and the rest went into Annabeth's Dance Class Envelope and will help pay for more than 1 month of dance school!

I look forward to doing it again in the spring and seeing if I can top this sale's profits! :)

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