Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Fun and Frugal Birthday Outfits

I like LOVE to have themed outfits for each of Annabeth's holidays.
Just wanted to share her 2nd Birthday ones...

Outfit #1
Ruffle pants and shirt with balloons and "Birthday Girl" in the lower left corner
- Gymboree clearance last January, with a coupon!, both pieces for $5!

Outfit #2
Grey Leggings from Carter's - FREE as my Mama bought them last spring
"I'm the Birthday Princess" shirt - Old Navy Clearance for $2.49

Outfit #3
 Carter's Black Leggings - FREE as they were also from Mama
Silver Tutu - purchased over a year ago for $.99 at BuyBuy Baby
Shirt and Bow - FREE - a gift from my cousin's wife who runs her own business
(Pretty Pipsqueak) making items like this - 
Visit her Etsy or Facebook pages to order your own! 

Overall I think Annabeth looked very cute and I was pleased seeing as I spent less than $8 on specific birthday items! The pink ruffle pants and tutu have been worn lots before this, went great with her birthday items, and will continue to look great with other outfits.

Do you make or wear special birthday outfits for you or your family? 


Anna Busenburg said...

I LOVE Annabeth's outfits. You find the best deals. I remember that when I was little I had a birthday shirt/leggings that had ballons on them with ribbons. I loved that outfit.

Amy and Mark said...

I LOVE all of the things from when we were little! I remember as a teenager I thought they were cheesy but I would love to have kept them for Annabeth. Oh well... thankfully my cousin married a wonderfully talented lady who makes cute things for us now!