Friday, October 18, 2013

Frugal Fridays 9

Here is what we did to save money/spend money wisely this week:

- I had a Shutterfly coupon set to expire at the end of the month. I ordered $20 worth of autumn greeting cards for just the cost of shipping. Saved: $20

- I shopped at Target for Kashi Granola Bars that we love! They are only $3 a box there which is much less than other stores. PLUS this week they were on sale for $2.75 a box AND buy 3, get 1 free. Saved: $3.75

- We visited my family this past weekend and came home with tons of freebies:
   - My Mama and Sister had cleaned out their closets so I came home with a new skirt and about seven new shirts!
   - My Momaw sent Annabeth home with a week's worth of snacks. She even had purchased one of Annabeth's favorite treats, Goldfish crackers!
   - Momaw also sent us home with a Racehorse Pie that we did not all finish while there. We refrigerated it and then were able to heat and serve it to company this week.

- We took our Box Tops for Education stash to my best friend who is a teacher at a low income public school. We usually tend to buy store brand products but for items that are more expensive I try to make sure to at least buy either Kellogg's so I can earn my Kellogg's points or ones with Box Tops so we can help schools.

- I shipped the last of my maternity clothes (at least the last ones I am willing to part with - I've kept two pairs or pants and two shirts for memory's sake) to a camp friend in Texas. Between my friends Rose, Sarah, and now Katie I have been able to pass on most everything I had! I did loan some to Jenn as well and then we sold those in our garage sales.

- We ate lunch and dinner at home or while visiting friends, we did not shop this week, and we also enjoyed lots of free fun outside and at our library.

That's it for us. What did you and your family do to save money/spend money wisely this week?

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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