Friday, October 4, 2013

Frugal Fridays 7

Here is how we have saved money/spent money wisely/worked to creatively make money this week:

- I continued tracking Kellogg's Points and Swagbucks.

- I redeemed an offer through Swagbucks to "like" Eucerin Lotion Brand and received 25 Swagbucks and a free lotion sample in the mail. The sample is set to come in the next 8-10 weeks, I will have to let you know what I get! This is a product we buy all winter long so I am hoping it's a decent size freebie!

- We did not take any homeschool field trips or family trips this week, instead we stayed home and enjoyed the beautiful weather right in our own yard! FREE!

- We also ate dinner at home all week. We often order pizza on Sunday nights but this week we made our own. BBQ Chicken and Onion. Yum!

- Mark signed up for a razor deal that he had heard about on the radio. He gets four nice razor blades in the mail, with free shipping, a month for just $6. As he must shave before each shift, at both jobs, we go through a lot of blades! Check out this deal at:

- Annabeth's birthday and party are tomorrow. We are reusing decorations from previous parties and using up our stock of plates, forks, etc that my Momaw gave us over the summer. FREE!

- I finished tagging everything for the consignment sale. Read here for part one of that series.

- I shopped the consignment sale and found six things for $28
(I have already made more than that selling our old things!)
*I went in with a list and a budget - church dresses, dance class outfits in the next size up, and winter coats. As winter coats are very, very expensive to purchase new I always look at every sale I go to so that we can be sure to have ones that fit her but that are also still in good condition.*
Here's what I found: 1 dance outfit, 2T winter dress, 3T spring/summer dress, 3T striped sweater NWOT, a furry fashion vest (Mark hates this!), and a 3T great condition Columbia Coat for just $8!! We looked online and that coat retails for over $50!!! What a deal!

What have you been doing to save money this week?

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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Anna Busenburg said...

I have to admit your posts all get me excited about saving money! :)Hope you have a wonderful birthday party celebration this weekend!