Thursday, October 31, 2013

Five Fun and Frugal Halloween Outfits!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE holiday and themed outfits?!

Here are Annabeth's fun and frugal Halloween 2013 outfits!

Black "Trick or Treat" Shirt - Found at a garage sale by Rose for us - FREE
(a great deal because it's gender neutral so we can send it back for SJ for next year)
Orange Leggings - Gymboree Clearance more than a year ago for around $2
(another great deal because she has worn them for 14 months!)
Halloween Hairbow - Claire's Clearance 2 for $2.50 - worn last Halloween and this year
Total Cost: $4.50


Orange Dog and Pumpkin Shirt - Children's Place Clearance - $.99
Black and Silver Tutu - Hand-me-down from Kati and Elli - FREE
Halloween Hairbow - The same one from yesterday
Total Cost: $.99

Halloween Themed Turtleneck - A garage sale find - $.10
Jean Jumper and Tights - Carter's birthday gift from her Nana and PawPaw - FREE
Same Halloween Hairbow as the past two days
Total Cost: $.10


 Hello Kitty Halloween Shirt - Old Navy a gift from Grandmama Mimi - FREE
Hello Kitty Black and Silver Tutu - A birthday gift from Auntie Rose - FREE
Still that same bow!
Total Cost: FREE!


Her Halloween Outfit since we have tumbling during Trick-or-Treat Time!
Leotard - Found at Growing Sprouts consignment store - $4.50
Red and White Bow - Gymboree Clearance - $1.49
Total Cost: $5.99

Total Out of Pocket Cost: $11.58
However, the leotard will be worn for the rest of this tumble season and hopefully some of next year's! Also, the leggings and red bow are worn year round. So on Halloween specific items I spent just: $3.59!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

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