Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Consignment Sale - Part 1 - Pre Sale

Whew! I made it! Everything was labeled and dropped off on time yesterday at 3:30 for my first consignment sale!

I know that I have mentioned it in my "Frugal Fridays" series as I completed different steps each week but thought I might go into depth a bit more here.

In the past I sold baby things at my parents' flea market booth; I made $50 back in just two months! My sister-in-law and I have also had three garage sales over the past two summers and I made about $200 between them. Thirdly, I have been hauling things to two consignment stores in our area and have made back $100 in just six trips to sell. So...why consign sale now?
1. My parents stopped doing their flea market booth because they had sold most of their things!
2. Garage sales are very fun but they are a lot of work and time and now that we have moved I would have to make all new signs with the new address. Also, we now live in the middle of a neighborhood so it would take a lot more signs to get people to us - as opposed to when we lived 2 blocks from Main St.
3. The consignment stores generally pay less than $1 an item and I have some very nice things that I would like to try to get more money from!

I chose to consign with Here We Grow Again - Indy South as they are located right in town and I won't have to drive up to Indianapolis. The sales there may be larger there but I would spend quite a bit of my profits in gas driving to drop things off and to pick them up.

For this particular sale I made an online account, got my consigner number, and then was able to start entering items. This sale was easy to get ready for as everything was still in one tote from our May garage sale. This sale is for the winter so they accepted everything but shorts, sleeveless, swimwear, and sandals. I labeled everything else we had and really appreciated that they included a pricing guide - generally based on brands. Example: Walmart items should be priced around $1 or $2 but a dress from Baby GAP could list for $6.

I was able to make tags for my 70+ items in around an hour total time. Then I printed the tags and the real work began. Mark figured out the tagging gun while I matched the tags to the items. It did take about two hours to get everything on hangers with the proper tag attached.

Here is our 12 month pile labeled and ready to go!

 The whole tote - ready to go! I will miss those little boots! :(

My initial goal was to list 50 items. GOAL MET! I entered about 70
My second goal was to make $100. We will see! I pick up my unsold items and check on Sunday! I will keep you posted!

Have you ever done a consignment sale? How have you been creatively making money this month?

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