Monday, September 30, 2013

The Week "Daddy" Became "MARK!"

In our house we have an echo - aka we have a nearly 2 year old and she is repeating everything we say.

Somethings are cute to repeat: "Wuv You" or "Hi Guys" or "See ya!"
Somethings were cute but now we are tired of them: "Oh No!" (silly face included)
Somethings have convicted us and addressed our improper words: *I won't put it here but I have a four letter word I must use a lot because she says it a lot. She does use it correctly but I have been working really hard on not using it - thus the "Oh No!" mentioned above

This week our echo learned "MARK!"

As I say our lunch prayer, I always say a safety prayer for Mark if he is out on a call. Last week when I said that prayer, Annabeth said: "Oh, Mark, Dada!!"
Later that day I excitedly shared with Mark that she knows that's his name! It seemed so fun!

Then, after talking with Jenn on the phone, I shared with Mark what the SD Rileys were up to. I told him the kids miss Uncle Mark to which Annabeth shouted "UN MARK" over and over!
It still seemed exciting and fun that she knew that was him.

Then yesterday, I was doing Annabeth's bath and needed a diaper and this happened:
Me: Mark!
Me: MARK!!
Me: Exasperated Sigh


Annabeth and Mark, playing a favorite game - Dentist 

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