Sunday, September 15, 2013

Conner Prairie Day

Yesterday we cashed in our Kellogg's Rewards Bonus for a Buy One, Get One Free Admission to Conner Prairie in Fishers, IN. We took Annabeth for the first time last September for Free Museum Day but it was a long day of getting her in and out of the stroller, stopping to nurse, etc so this year taking a nearly 2 year old was much easier and wwwaaayyy more fun!

We arrived around 11:15 am and did not leave until 4:45 and Annabeth walked nearly the entire time! She loved all of the flower gardens and looking/smelling where they dried the herbs. She was terrified of the loud moooing cows and would not pet any of the animals.

Our little tourist with her Daddy. She needed her adventure hat, sunglasses, and to hold the map!

She traded her adventure hat mid-day for a pioneer bonnet.

She found a special pine cone treasure. Sweet girl.

A whole day, just the three of us!

We had a great day out and are now dreaming of simplifying our life even more and perhaps a flower garden next summer for our little flower (loving) child.

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