Friday, September 13, 2013

Frugal Fridays 4

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/creatively made money this week:

- We enjoyed five FREE tomatoes thanks to a gift from our neighbor. Yum! BLTs!

- We also enjoyed a free bag of apples after our trip to the orchard. We used up the apples and lots of eggs by making Apple Cinnamon Bread and Crockpot Apple Butter. Read about that here and here.

- I had a free Shutterfly photobook come in my e-mail so I hurried to finish a Christmas gift. We did have to pay shipping but saved $23.99 on the book.

- We made hotel reservations for our vacation using a 20% off coupon. We saved $45!

- I redeemed some Kellogg's points for a Buy One, Get One Free admittance to Conner Prairie for tomorrow. We will save $15!

- I shopped with a friend at Once Upon a Child and was able to get Annabeth's snowboots for this winter. We had some hand-me-down boots but they are - sadly! - too small already! However, I found a nice, barely worn pair for $4.50. This particular pair retails on Wal-Mart's website for $16.96. Saved: $12.46

- I cut and colored my hair at home. At the salon, at least my salon, this would have cost $90 with the tip. I spent, after a sale + coupons on hair color, $3.92. Saved: $86.08

- I sold some home decor that worked at the old house but not here on a Facebook garage sale site and made $10!

-  Just this morning, Mark came home between his part time and his full time job and brought a full bag of hand-me-downs for Annabeth. They are mostly 3T and 4T so we have a great start on those sizes now!

Total Extra Made: $10
Total Saved: $182.53

What have you been doing to save money? How do you make money outside of regular employment?

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference!"


Jennifer said...

Love Frugal Fridays, way to save!

I don't know if you have plans that require you to visit Conner's Prairie this weekend but if it's possible for you to hold out until the 28th. You can go for free. Smithsonian Days Live is offering up to 2 free tickets per adult email address for a few select museums in each state. Conner's Prairie is on the list. I've already reserved our tickets so our family of 4 can go for FREE

Amy and Mark said...

Jennifer, we did that last year! This year, however, we have a wedding on that Saturday so we won't be able to go. Saving 50% will just have to do...although I wish we could have saved 100%! haha!

Jennifer said...

It sounds like you have recently come into a lot of clothes but if your still needing some more item Whale of a Sale consignment is going on at the state fair grounds today through Saturday. I was thinking about heading down there since I don't have any clothes for A this Winter. I've been warned by veteran moms that it's hard to fine used boy clothes in the 5T size because they get worn out so quickly and they weren't kidding.

Amy and Mark said...

I don't know how you keep boys in clothes! I can always find nice things for A and my nieces as I shop garage sales and consignment shops but never for my nephew! Thankfully he is still in little sizes and is enjoying hand-me-downs from the rest of the family but I know my SIL is dreading that 4T and up stage!

We have the "Here We Grow Again - South Indy" sale here in town the first weekend in Oct. I have entered to sell things for the first time. Have you ever sold at one? Any tips?