Friday, September 27, 2013

Frugal Fridays 6

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/worked to make extra money this week:

*We took a three day weekend trip to Cincinnati so many of our savings were vacation ones!

- We bought snacks at Walmart before leaving so we would not be tempted to overpay at the gas station or at the hotel vending machines. I think it also helped us to eat a bit healthier.

- We enjoyed our hotel knowing that we had saved 20% off with a coupon!

- We made sure to make reservations at a hotel with a continental breakfast so we would not have to purchase breakfast meals.

- I found a coupon for the Newport Aquarium for $2 off each adult ticket so we were able to save $4 off the price of admission (Annabeth was free as she is not two yet)

The Riley Three underwater at the Newport Aquarium's shark tunnel 

- We enjoyed Sunday morning at Jungle Jim's - a giant fun grocery store with fun foods from all around the world - and with in store sales and coupons we saved $15.85!

Jungle Jim's 

- We came home $97 UNDER budget for our trip! We were very excited as we will use that to pay for the pizza dinner we plan on serving for Annabeth's birthday party next weekend.

- We had made it a goal to eat most of what we have in the house before we left on our trip so we needed to make a big grocery trip this week. We saved 12% of our grocery bill by using in store sales combined with coupons. We spent $60 for the next 2 - 2.5 weeks. (Our monthly grocery budget is $125)

- On my grocery receipt from Kroger we had a survey code to get an extra 50 fuel points. I completed the survey online very quickly and we were able to save $.10 a gallon at the pump. We saved $1.20 on gas this week.

- We enjoyed a nearly free day at the Indianapolis Children's Museum thanks to free parking and the guest pass of my childhood friend Jennifer and her boys. I did pay $8 for lunch I bought there - not so frugal - but Annabeth and I shared a kids meal so we had chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, grapes, and she got a juice. So we had plenty to eat and it was one of the most inexpensive options.

Jennifer with A and H and Annabeth and me - enjoying a wonderful museum day!

- We continued tracking our Kellogg's Rewards and Swagbucks. I am more than halfway to a Starbucks giftcard through Swagbucks!

- I printed my tags for next week's consignment sale, not much else got finished on that front, but I check in next Tuesday so it will be my project for the weekend!

What have you been doing to save money this week?

Happy Savings to All!!!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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