Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kicking Off Fall With Apples!

This past Sunday Mark's parents invited us over for dinner with a trip to the orchard before. We visited the Pleasant Valley Orchard, which last time we were all there was called "Anderson Orchard." We enjoyed their playground, a (HOT) hike out to the trees we were allowed to pick from, and a nice visit to their store for Annabeth's apple slush and our nutty caramel apple.

The three of us enjoyed a cheesy nice photo op:

Annabeth really enjoyed spending the afternoon with her PawPaw and Nana.
Happy Grandparents' Day!

She also loved loved hauling her handpicked apples.

Brian and Kristi were kind enough to treat us to a whole bag of apples! We quickly realized that we would not be able to eat them fast enough so last night I searched online "What to do with lots of apples" and found some yummy recipes. Today Annabeth and I made Cinnamon Apple Bread to take to Tuesday Night Dinner at Brian and Kristi's. It was a hit! We'll be baking more tomorrow to use up some more apples!

How do you use apples? What recipes can you recommend? 

Happy Beginning of Fall!

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