Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Inspired by the Bates' Hospitality

I have been a huge fan of the Duggar family series, currently named "19 Kids and Counting." I admire their willingness to serve the Lord in their home, their community, and their travels around the world.

Last night the newest season premiered and while the family drove from their home in Arkansas to move eldest son Joshua and his family to Washington D.C., they called another family with 19 children to see if they could "just stop by" while in their state of Tennessee. With just a three hour warning, the Bates Family, not only said an enthusiastic "Yes!" to this question they decorated their home, made dinner, made homemade ice cream cake, and even threw together a small (if you call 46 people small :) ) baby shower for Joshua and Anna's week old baby.

What amazed, and inspired me, is that they simply said "yes." Then joyfully, together they all pulled together and made a lovely evening for both families.

When Mark and I moved into the old house we set some ground rules:
1. Anyone, everyone would always be welcome.
2. We would try to have all our guests leave with something: leftovers, extra dessert, Box Tops for Education for teacher's classrooms, etc
3. When we left to go to someone else's house we would always take something: homemade cookies, photos to share, something of ours that they made need, etc

We have not always lived by these rules but we have certainly tried and are attempting to do so even more in the new house. We firmly believe that all that we have is truly the Lord's and that we should use it to do His will.

I pray this morning that the Lord would continue to give me confidence in my homemaking and hospitality skills. I pray that He would help me remember that it's not about Pinterest worthy dinners or perfectly shiny floors but that it's about fellowship and love. To Him be ALL the glory. Amen.

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