Wednesday, September 4, 2013

D.I.Y. : Iron-Ons

I have just signed up to Pinterest and have been SO excited for all of the neat ideas on there. I have especially been loving all of the kids' clothing ideas. However, I have NOT been loving the prices of them as I clicked on the corresponding Etsy pages for each one. I would love Annabeth to have cute, crafty clothes but I cannot imagine paying $15 + shipping for a t-shirt! So...I decided to make my own!

Supplies: plain t-shirts ($4 each), fabrics ($2 each), and Heat n Bond ($2.99/yard)
*Approx. prices based on last weekends sale at Hobby Lobby*

I placed each fabric on the Heat n Bond page, ironed for the time listed on the package, removed the paper backing, and then ironed onto the fabric. I had never worked with this before and found the instructions on the package to be very accurate.

*Crafter's Tip: I did find that it was MUCH easier to cut out the exact shape I wanted after the fabric was affixed to the Heat n Bond page. I had tried pinning it all together and cutting it but was not very successful so although I wasted some of the fabric and Heat n Bond by doing it this way, I had better results.*

The first pattern I liked was a chevron print. I was happy to find it on sale as it seems to be a very popular print on toddler items and women's accessories this season. I did not really have a plan for it but decided on our family's favorite animal - an octopus. I also used extra fabric to make a matching hairbow - seen near the upper left side of the shirt.

The second pattern I loved was originally supposed to be an "A" but I realized the print was too big to really show up with lots of cuts so I decided on a big heart. I also used extra fabric and an extra bow I had around for that matching hair clip.

Here is Annabeth modeling one of her new shirts!

What have you been crafting? Have you ever made your own iron-ons?

Happy Crafting!

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Jennifer said...

How cute! I need to come up with some ideas and make some boy iron-ons.

Amy Riley said...

Little boy ties would be so cute! And they would not choke them that way!