Friday, September 6, 2013

Frugal Fridays 3

Here is what we did this week to save money/spend money wisely:

- We continued to track our Kellogg's purchases and our Swagbucks.

- My Momaw gave us a ton of free things that she gets in the mail from charities trying to get her to send money to them. We kept some greeting cards, stickers, and wrapping paper and saved the rest for my best friend who is a teacher and can use all of it in her classroom.

- Shutterfly had 101 free prints this week. I went to their website through Swagbucks, ordered my summer pictures, and got 101 of them free! For each dollar I spent, I got 2 Swagbucks added to my account.

- I signed up for a new Kroger card, after we used our fuel points from the old one, in order to signup for online coupons. I had never looked into this and was shocked to see BYGO Free items and coupons that are not always in the Sunday paper. I added any items that I thought we might buy in the next month, that way even if I forget that I have it, the store's computer will know I have it saved on my card!

- I was able to save 19% of my grocery bill with coupons and a store rewards card. Total Saved: $11.32

- Kroger had sent coupons for one FREE of each of the following items: Cheerios, Duncan Hines Cake Mix, Greek Yogurt, Kroger Peanut Butter, and Kroger Frozen Veggies. Total Free Items: $10.34!

- I purchased Annabeth's snacks (the push-up fruit and yogurt kind) at Big Lots. They are $.88 at Walmart but only $.40 at Big Lots for the exact same ones. I also buy our V8 protein juice there for $2.00 while it is $3.89 at Walmart. I bought 6 push-ups and saved $2.88 and 1 juice and saved $1.89 from the Walmart prices.
*This is a good deal for us only because both stores are within 1 mile from our house so it does not cost me extra gas or time to shop there*

Total Saved: $26.43

What have you been doing to save money? Do you coupon? How do you save money on groceries?

Happy Savings to you all!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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