Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sweet Savings!

On moving day in July, Mark's parents were kind enough to buy our moving crew breakfast. They brought a coffee bar and yummy breakfast baked goods. Most everything got finished that weekend but we had leftover coffee condiments that I could not bear to throw away! Mark used the Sweet N Low packets over time but since July we have had the sugar and Equal packets in our pantry in little baggies.

They have been falling out, spilling packets on the shelves, and lining the bottom of my pantry so when I did our big pantry clean out this week I decided they had to go. I knew that no one in our families use Equal so I plan to take that to our church's food pantry but I realized the sugar was just inconveniently packaged for baking. This morning, Annabeth and I emptied all of the packets and were able to get about 3/4 cup of sugar to add to our big container!

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned!

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