Friday, October 11, 2013

Frugal Fridays 8

Here is what we did this week to save money/spend money wisely/creatively make money:

- Annabeth's 2nd Birthday was last Saturday and we had TONS of leftovers from that. We ate leftovers through Monday dinner. I just added fruit and veggies and called it a meal!

- Annabeth had three fun and frugal birthday outfits

- Sunday I went to pick up my unsold items from the Consignment Sale. Here are my posts on getting ready and my post sale post. In the end I made $57.50! :)

- Monday I took unsold winter items from the sale to Once Upon a Child and made an additional $20!

- We added birthday and sale money to Annabeth's savings account.

- Tuesday we had company in so I made a double serving of pasta for lunch and we were able to have it again for dinner this week. I also made a huge dessert and we were able to send leftovers with that guest AND take it to a playdate on Wednesday.

- I took our monthly trip to Big Lots for cereal ($1.80 a box/one box per month - we are not huge cereal fans) and juice ($2 a bottle/2 bottles per month)

- Thursday Annabeth and I enjoyed her weekly FREE library class. She was able to move from "Wonderful Ones" to "Terrific Twos" this week! What a big girl.

- I went to Kohl's with Kohl's Cash to spend! Before going, I looked through our closets to see what we might really "need" from Kohl's so that I was not just wandering, throwing things in the cart. I saw that Annabeth does not have any church clothes for next spring or summer and they have really nice, cute ones! I hit the clearance racks and found: 2 church dresses*, 1 summer adventure bonnet, and a 2 piece outfit that we will give as a gift. After my Kohl's Cash I spent $9 and saved $79.40!
*I did not intend to buy two dresses and would have saved more money if I had just purchased one but this happened: I pulled all of the dresses in her size off the rack, showed them to her, and she firmly said "No." to all of them but one. Unfortunately it was a 2T dress on a 3T hanger and although it fits now I was worried it may be too small come spring. I put it back but when we got tot the front and I was double checking prices with a price scanner she said, "Mama", signed "Where?," Said, "Fishy dress?" Oh man! Four words in a row! How could I say no?! I went back to get the "fishy dress." So, if you see us in a fish sundress this will know why!*

What have you been doing to save money? Let me know!

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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