Saturday, October 19, 2013

Annabeth's Birthday Flowers

To say that Annabeth loves flowers is an understatement; they are her favorite things! She loved our pansies that we planted at the old house and that we moved to the new house.

She was heartbroken when in late August we had to admit defeat and throw them away.

She was overjoyed when we let her pick out her own flowers at the store one September day. She picked out lovely yellow (or as she says 'lellow) mums.

Even though her birthday party had a Princess theme we really only had princess plates, napkins, and of course her castle cake that were themed. Mark wanted to decorate with flowers instead of princess items and he picked the perfect items! He went out on her birthday eve and got four beautiful bouquets of flowers! She was thrilled when she woke up on her birthday to " 'LOLWERS " on all of the tables!

Mark and Annabeth enjoying her birthday breakfast while smelling her flowers

We wanted to make sure we made the best use of the flowers. They stayed very nice until this past week so on Thursday the 17th we had to weed out the ones that had wilted. I was impressed they made it 13 days looking really nice. Once I went through them I found one nice one of each kind left and Mark pressed them into one of our Bibles so she can have a dried bouquet from her 2nd Birthday. I also noticed that all of the pink and red ones were still pretty fresh so I made a new bouquet out of those! They are decorating our dinning room table very nicely.

We are so glad that not only has Annabeth been able to really enjoy these flowers for two weeks already but that we've found ways to keep using them!

What do you do with bouquets when they begin to wilt?

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