Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Homeschool Spring Break!

Woohoo! Spring Break!!

We have been going strong with homeschool since the first full week of January and like all students and teachers we needed a spring break this week!

We are still doing our morning lesson of prayer time, ABC, letter of the week, and letter/counting review. I moved The Lord's Prayer and Bible Time from the afternoon to the mornings for this week so we can take every afternoon off school.

You  may remember that in January I made some homeschool goals for the semester.
Where are we now?
- Annabeth can count from 1-15
- She can read her letters A-S
- She can read a few numbers (2,4,6)
- She can tell the difference between numbers and letters if looking at a page

Although I had decided to take time off from some school this week, I still found myself spending 2 hours organizing supplies today. My best friend teaches Kindergarten and my Mama taught preschool - elementary and they have both given me a lot of supplies. I had organized some in January but brought a huge box home since then. Annabeth and I put in a lot of hard work today and are all organized!

Our two sets of drawers - all organized!
The left one is ABC/123 Books, coloring/art supplies, early readers, flashcards, and workbooks
The right one is preschool to 2nd grade workbooks/worksheets, games, and manipulatives

A close-up of the drawer labels
They are all characters from Little Red Riding Hood 
I thought this paper was so cute!

Annabeth did some sticker work while I organized 

Showing off her "Dada Kisses Picture" she made for Mark today 

Us Girls.
It may not be a sunny beach spring break picture
but it is a sunny schoolroom/sunroom picture and that makes me just as happy!

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Abbi said...

It is so nice to get all organized! It looks good.