Friday, March 28, 2014

Frugal Friday 32

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- While traveling we stopped at Bob Evans for dinner. We used a coupon to get Annabeth's meal for free! Saved: $3.00

- We had friends stay the night this week. Often we meet these friends for lunch at Panera Bread but to save money (and sanity with two little ones) I found a Panera Bread Macaroni and Cheese recipe online. I won't say that it was exactly the same but it was very good. Even with the fruit and veggies we added to the meal we were all able to eat for around $8 - much less than eating out!

- I was able to purchase some very sweet spring items from a friend for Annabeth. I was able to get 10 pieces (including American Girl and Talbots Kids brands among others) for $20. We love buying used and we love helping out friends!

One of the many cute outfits we got!
Annabeth loved the hat that came with this one!

- I used up the last of my birthday Starbucks giftcards on a treat drink. Saved: $2.98

- I was able to sell two shirts on facebook. Made: $10

What have you been doing to save money this week?
Are you ready for spring? I know we are!

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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