Thursday, July 10, 2014

A $5 Cup of Lemonade

Growing up my parents always stopped at lemonade stands. It was a little gesture from them that made kids' days. In fact, over Memorial Day Weekend this year, Dad and I headed out to garage sales and he purchased a less-than-tasty cup of lemonade from kids at their parents' sale.

Today, I did the same.

I stopped by a friends' house to drop something off and her nieces were selling lemonade for $.50. I ran back to the car and looked in my wallet. I had a few pennies and a $5. I took out the $5 and went back, paid, and said "You can keep the change." As I drove away, I saw her call her sister over, show her the money, and they exchanged smiles and a high-five.

It seemed to make their moment and it certainly made my day.

I think it was proof that it takes just a tiny moment to make someone's day.
A simple gesture.
A smile.
A moment of stopping to notice someone.
We absolutely never know what a difference it could make.

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