Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Initiative: readiness and ability in initiating action (www.dictionary.reference.com)

This is a life-skill we have been working very diligently with Annabeth to develop. We want her to learn to see what needs to be done and to act on the needs of others. We pray daily that she will develop a Servant's Heart and that she will desire to serve the Lord and His people with a glad heart.

Last Saturday, Annabeth and I were at Target and I found the cutest little tote with pink flowers. I have been trying to organize Annabeth's shoes better, as they are often spread around the house, and with this item on sale I made the purchase.

I mentioned, just once, in the store that the tote would be for her shoes. When we got home, I placed it in her room, and carried all of the groceries inside. Once I had everything unpacked, I went to her room to check on her and found that she had already found all of her shoes and put them in her new shoe tote.

"See my shoe tote Mama? I did it!" 

What a big girl! :)

Initiative. I am so glad that she, with God's help, is developing this life-skill.
All honor and glory to Him.

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