Sunday, July 27, 2014

Book Recommendation: The Language of Sparrows

I LOVE to read.

As a homeschooling Mama to a 2.5-year-old most of my books are read for lesson plans or are filled with pictures but some days I get to read my books. Mark worked a 12 hour shift overnight last weekend so I took advantage of the time after Annabeth went to bed to read.

I read The Language of Sparrows by Rachel Phifer. It was an excellent story about families, unusual friends, and the importance of honesty and being who we are. It was beautifully written and spiritually thought provoking. I highly encourage it as a must-read.*

My favorite line from the book:
"People are threatened by greatness. 
Especially if one's greatness does not look like all the mediocrity they had planned."
Phifer, R. (2013) The Language of Sparrows. Colorado Springs, David C. Cook. pg. 356.
Those lines make such a powerful statement. I loved them.

The book includes beautifully shared Bible passages as well as thoughts for our everyday lives as believers in the One who created us all.

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*Please note I do not think this is a book for children under 18 as it deals with difficult subjects such as suicide as well as one character's time imprisoned in a reeducation facility

**These are my own thoughts and opinions. I was not compensated by the publisher or author for this review.


Abbi said...

I love to read too. This book sounds really good. I love the quotes!

Amy and Mark said...

It was a good read!

I would definitely suggest it for other adult readers.