Friday, July 4, 2014

Frugal Friday 46

Happy Frugal Friday and Happy Birthday America!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely this week:

- We spent Saturday morning at Provinence Park. The forecast called for rain so we were the only family on the playground. Annabeth LOVED swinging and we stayed until the sprinkles came through. Then we headed over to the library where Annabeth enjoyed working on the computer and doing puzzles. We love the free fun we can have around town!

- We made homemade 4th of July cards for our families using blue paint and red paper we had on hand. We dipped star shaped cookie cutters into the paint and stamped them on the papers.

4th of July Card by Annabeth 

- We included some coupons in our 4th of July mail so we didn't spend any extra money passing them along. We LOVE to share coupons!

- A few weeks ago my Mama and Dad brought up a bread maker for us. Mama had traded another kitchen appliance with a friend to get it and had never baked bread. We have been wanting to make our own to save money and as part of our goal to reduce the amount of processed food we consume so they brought it to us . We made our first loaves this week and really enjoyed them! We did the math and we can make our own loaves of bread for less than $1 a loaf!!

- While checking out at a new grocery, I saw a $12.99 charge as I watched the computer scan our items. I asked the checker and thank goodness I did - a $.99 item had rung up $12 too much! The cashier adjusted our bill, instances like this why I watch items ring up VERY carefully!

- Our electric bill came and was $234! We were in shock! Our bill usually never gets near $100 except for rare circumstances like last winter when it was below 0 degrees so many days. I called Monday morning and confirmed that the meter had been misread - our bill should only have been $50. Whew! We now have many months of credit on our bill - perhaps the Lord sees something coming that we can't.

- I finished our library's Summer Reading Program and earned a free book. We will give the book as a gift.

- Using a Summer Reading Program coupon I treated Annabeth to a FREE cheeseburger, fries, and apple juice from McDonald's.

- We met friends at the Franklin City Pool. We stayed for 2 hours and Annabeth screamed and screamed as we left because she wanted to swim longer! I think I have a fish-child! We saved $2 by using a coupon on our admission.

- We made homemade blueberry pie to take to a family dinner. Yummy!

4Her/Homemaker in training with her blueberry pie

We love summer and we love saving money on our summer activities. What have you been doing to save money this summers?

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference!"

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