Monday, July 21, 2014

Please don't ask us...

In reference to our family:

Please Don't Ask Us:
"Is she your only one?"
"When are you going to have another?"
"Don't you want a boy?"
"Don't you think she needs a brother or sister?"

Please Don't Tell Us:
"You don't want to wait too long..."
"You don't want too much time between them."
"She will really be missing out without a sibling."
"You will regret it."

Please Understand:
Annabeth's delivery was difficult.
Annabeth sees specialists as a result of her cardiac arrest.
Amy has had three surgeries since then to correct issues from our pregnancy/delivery.
We struggled with infertility the first go around and have some fear of going through it again.
We have prayed and for now our feeling is that our family is complete.

Annabeth is a miracle. Her life is precious. We are so blessed to be her parents.
We may change our minds. God may have another plan.
Until then, this is our family, please use your words kindly and love us for who we are:
The Riley Three.

Our Annabeth Sage.
Our most precious gift.
Our life and love. 

Photo Credit: Donna Rice 

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