Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Week of Summer

Two weeks ago, I found that I couldn't wait any longer to lesson plan. I got everything out and began working on our schedule. I was glad I did because I had originally miscounted our weeks and found that we needed to begin one week earlier than I had planned!

We will be starting our curriculum Alpha Omega Publication's Horizon's Preschool for Three's next Monday, August 4.

Last year, we began formal schooling around Annabeth's 2nd birthday but I had been doing morning lessons since she was a baby. This summer has been so busy that we really have not even been doing much of that. As I planned the year, I became worried that it may be too much to throw us into school full force all at once. So, this week I have been doing mini-lessons to get us back into the school mindset.

Working on a sheet this morning.
Worksheet Goals: Following Instructions, Colors Green and Yellow, and Self Control

Annabeth is enjoying:
- Her redesigned schoolroom
- Working at her table painted by Daddy
- Learning and reading

Annabeth is not enjoying...
- Following the directions on worksheets and not doing extra colors/coloring
- Having to stay in the schoolroom until lessons are complete

We are looking forward to formally beginning on Monday!
Until then, Happy Last Week of Summer!

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