Monday, July 28, 2014

"My name on that?"

This summer I have been working with Annabeth to spell and recognize her name. While I have been working on her full name, I have been especially focused on the Annabeth as it is what she will learn to write first.

She points to nearly everything with print and asks, "My name on that?" or "That my name?" Especially any book or sign that begins with "A."

On our way to the grocery she asked for cherries to be our fruit of the week. I agreed, although I was not sure that she had really eaten cherries outside of fruit cocktail before. We picked them up in the produce section on our way in.

As we made our way through the store we had this conversation:
Annabeth:"My name on there. See my name?"
Me: "No. I don't think your name is on our cherries. Remember how we discussed that your name is not printed everywhere."
Annabeth: "Yes Mama! I see my letters!"
Me: "I know there are letters on there but they don't spell Annabeth."
Annabeth: "I know. S-A-G-E. My Sage name."

Sure enough they did say Sage.
Point for Annabeth Sage!

Annabeth Sage with her Sage cherries. 

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Abbi said...

That is pretty cool that she was able to pick out and read "Sage"!
Good job!