Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"I can't spit 'is penny out!"

Sunday afternoon, after a morning at church, lunch, a park date, and an hour in the backyard we came inside to rest. I fell asleep on the couch within minutes. Mark had worked all day and still needed to study for class this week, so he put Annabeth in her room for quiet time.

I woke up to, "Mama. Mama! MAMA!" coming from her room. Mark went to get her and when she came out this conversation happened:

Annabeth: "I can't spit 'is penny out. See?" Spit. Spit. "My penny went all way down my heel!"
Mark: "What penny? Let me see in your mouth now."
Annabeth: " 'Is penny! See?"
Mark: "No! I don't see anything in your mouth. Let Mama look."
I looked. Nothing.
Me: "Okay, tell me what happened."
Annabeth: "I put 'at penny in. Then it went down in my heel!"
Mark: "Are you pretending or being serious?"
Annabeth: "Pretending."
Mark: "Remember to be truthful."
Annabeth: "I serious. Penny in my heel!"

**Apparently what Annabeth eats goes straight to her heels. I think we may need to do a human body unit soon so she can learn about her digestive system**

At this point I took Annabeth to her room to try to get her to act out what had happened.
She reached down, pretended to pick up a penny, put it wwwaaayyy in the back of her mouth, swallowed, and said "and then it went to my heel."
I heard Mark say, "I have an idea" as he grabbed his van keys and ran out to his work van.
When he came back he had his metal detector. He scanned the floor no beeps and then scanned her belly Beep! Beep! BBBBBEEEPPPP!

I panicked! Mark was calm. Annabeth was running and laughing. I called Immediate Care and they reassured me that kids swallow things all the time and that the item(s) usually pass within three to five days. They told me that we could take her in but that unless she showed certain symptoms (of which she had none) that she would probably be fine.

Then, I spent 30 minutes on the internet reading that 90% of these cases work out fine but that coins can get stuck in the airway, lungs, digestive system, etc. Mark kept reassuring me that she was fine, which she was. She played and ate dinner and enjoyed Sunday Family Night. She ended up sleeping in our bed, which was fine by me! I wanted to keep a close eye on her!

Monday morning I called our doctors office and they restated what Immediate Care had said. Annabeth still wasn't showing any reason for concern so we just waited to see the penny again.

Tuesday, Annabeth asked me about 100 times if her penny had come out yet. No not yet... I tried not to worry.

Today, "Mama! I poop and now my penny out!" Thanks to our metal detector I determined that yes the penny was out and that her belly was free of any other coins.

In the end what was Annabeth most concerned about?
The fact that I did not let her clean the penny and put it in her piggy bank.
"But I love save my money Mama!"
Well, kid, not even I am frugal enough to save that coin.

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