Thursday, October 15, 2015

30 Day Clean Out: 10 Day Check-In

I am 10 days into my 30 day clean out.

Here is what I have been getting rid of!

Day 1: 15 items of Annabeth's clothing shared with younger friends at her dance class. 9 onesies from Owen handed down to a coworker along with their Welcome Baby gift.

Day 2: 10 items cleaned out from my make-up bag. I got rid of old mascara, eye liner, etc that was way beyond when it should be used. I also cleaned out a few lotions and things that had just tiny amounts left.

Day 3: 18 winter maternity and kids items sent to ThredUP. 3 large cardboard boxes and 1 tote of paper taken to recycling.

Day 4: I cleaned out the car to prepare for our weekend trip. I had 1 bag of grocery trash, 17 items to recycle (coupons and papers it's not like I had 17 water bottles in my car!), and 1 tote of toys to return to the house to put away.

Day 5: Out of Town

Day 6: Out of Town

Day 7: Out of Town

Day 8: I cleaned the last 10 maternity items out of my closet. No, I have not been wearing them but I have just not made the time to clean out. I had cleaned out all of the items I had borrowed the weekend before I went in to have him and then had just left the rest until now. It made a lot of extra room!

Day 9: I cleaned 15 summer items out of Annabeth's dresser for the Spring Sale tote. Items that will fit again next year went into her closet tote.

Day 10: I cleaned out a ton of paper from the schoolroom and took it to recycling. I did not count actual pieces but it did feel good to get rid of a TON of paper!

Total Items Out in the First 10 Days: 100 Items
I was glad to have matched my goal!

Thoughts on the First 10 Days:
- I just wrapped up the fall consignment sale so I had already sorted items that need to leave the house. This 30 day project pushed me to actually donate and sell the leftover items in a timely fashion.
- I knew I was going to be out of town over the long weekend for Columbus Day so I tried to make up for those days' goals (30 items over the 3 days) by getting rid of extra each day leading up to the weekend.

Target Clean Out Areas for the Next 10 Days:
- Annabeth's top drawer of her dresser (not gone through in a year! eep!)
- The Coat Closet
- Craft Supplies

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