Sunday, October 25, 2015

30 Day Clean Out: 20 Day Check In

I am now 20 days into my 30 day clean out.

Here is what I have been getting rid of:

Day 11:  I cleaned out the top drawer of Annabeth's dresser. I got rid of 32 items! 20 items went to our "donate" box, 3 items I will try to sell at Once Upon a Child, and all of the remaining (9) nice items went to friends as hand me downs. Annabeth has grown so much this summer that all of her tights and winter gear do not fit. Thankfully friends could benefit as some tights were still in the package.

Day 12: We spent the day out in the yard. Mark took out 4 little bushes - all little scraggly, strangely placed bushes. Mark also took out some bricks and rocks around a tree. I took 4 boxes and 1/2 a tote of paper to recycling.

Day 13: 8 books from the bookshelf - 3 were so torn up they will just be recycled and 5 will be donated.

Day 14: We took 59 items to sell at Once Upon a Child. It felt great to get all of those things out of the house! Everything we did not sell, we donated.

Day 15: I went through my wrapper paper (non Christmas) tote. I got rid of 13 items. I parted with crunched up/ripped bags as well as unrepairable bows. If you know me, you know that I love my three totes of wrapping paper and that it is hard for me to get rid of things in them! I am a bit afraid of becoming a gift bag/tissue paper/wrapping paper hoarder! I also moved 2 pairs of PJ pants and 2 hats of Mark's that he does not wear (Notre Dame and UofL items in great condition) to Owen's grow-into-tote. Hopefully he will enjoy them in many years!

Day 16: I cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen. I threw away and recycled lots of junk! Now we don't have to dig to get to what we actually need to use.

Day 17: I spent the afternoon cleaning out our records. I pulled 1 diaper box of things to shred as Community Shred Day is this upcoming Saturday.

Day 18: I took 6 items from the kids' drawers and moved them to the sale tote. I also moved 1 of my shirts to the donate box.

Day 19: I moved 12 more items from Owen's dresser into the sale tote. (Owen is gaining an average of 1 lb every 10 days so we are going through his clothes REALLY quickly!)

Day 20: I photographed and listed 20 items for sale on Facebook Garage Sale Pages. Here's hoping that they sell!

20 Day Item Total: 263 Items (that is 63 over my 2 week goal!!!)

Even though we have cleaned out 263 items I still feel like we have SO much stuff! I am looking forward to really cleaning out some more things in the final 10 days of this project.


Abbi said...

What a fun project to get rid of stuff! After moving ourselves and now just helping a friend move it really makes me realize how much more stuff we have than we truly need.

Amy and Mark said...

I have really enjoyed this project! I feel like we go through things quite often but I have a very bad (worldly) habit of saving things "just in case." This time I was able to get rid of quite a few of those items! Hopefully those who we donated them to will actually use and enjoy them!