Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Learning about Fashion as a Boy Mom

As of February 9, I know that I am a Boy Mom!

I have found since then that there are some interesting and puzzling trends in boy clothing. Some I like, some I don't. Here's a list:


- I love how simple it is to buy boy outfits. One shirt or onesie and pants to match - all on one hanger at the store!

- My friend Alysha told me that each season she buys her boys blue, gray, black, and brown shorts or pants and then adds shirts. How simple is that?!

- Baby boys can wear those one-piece footie things and they do not look like pajamas.

- I love all of the shirts that are the waffle texture long underwear. They are adorable and it almost makes me wish it would always be cold so Owen could wear them year round.

- My favorite jeans of Annabeth's have been a pair of flannel lined GAP jeans that I found at a consignment store. They were 12-18 months so it's been a while since we have had any and I have found them difficult to locate for girls. However, they are easy to find for boys! I found them for $2.97/pair clearance at Old Navy!

- Since Mark and I met at camp, I am loving all of the camp themed outfits for boys right now!


- I do not care for the current mustache trend at all! It was annoying to me before we knew we were having a boy and now I have a bit of fear that we are going to receive lots of mustache outfits. Please, no!

- It seems that puppies and teddy bears are very popular boy outfit themes and neither apply to our family. We are certainly not dog people nor are we really teddy bear fans.

- Many boy shirts have gross statements that are meant to be cute such as puns about passing gas, peeing, or pooping. I will NOT put these on our son.

- I also do not find the "Brother for Sale" and "Sister for Sale" shirts to be funny.

I have always loved shopping for my nephew Nathanael and my best friend's little boys SJ and Asher. Now I am looking forward to shopping for my own sweet little boy!

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