Monday, February 9, 2015

His Name

Now that we know #2 is a BOY we can start calling him by name:
Owen Merit Riley!

After our ultrasound with Annabeth, I shared how we picked her name and want to do the same for Mr. Owen.

As soon as we even began discussing having another baby Mark said that he wanted Owen for a boy. Once we found out we were expecting he still said Owen and Annabeth said from Day 1 that her baby was called Owen. She started calling most of her animals and dolls Owen and always called him Owen in my belly. We quickly realized that even if we wanted another boy name, it was too late, she was in love with her baby Owen.

When it came to his middle name we debated between Knight (my Grandaddy's middle name and his mother's maiden name) and Patrick (Mark's middle name, chosen from his Grandma Pat's name).

Then just a few days before the ultrasound I realized that I REALLY REALLY loved our girl name and wanted to get to use it no matter what and so...

I fell in love with this name the summer after we had Annabeth. I am not even sure where I heard it but I knew I HAD to use it if we had another child. I had always said that I wanted it only for a girl first name but after panicking that if #2 was in fact a boy, I would lose my chance to use it. Mark graciously said, "It it's a boy let's just call him Owen Merit." Praise the Lord for my sweet husband and his good ideas! 

We are in love with his name and pray that he loves it as well. Even more so, the three of us are completely in love with our Owen!

"I told you he a boy! I said his name Owen!"
And she was right. 


Anna Busenburg said...

What a wonderful name and that is so exciting that your #2 is a little boy!

Amy and Mark said...

We are just so excited to have Mr. Owen on the way! I am excited to explore the fun parts of being a "Boy Mom," Annabeth is ready for a brother, and I know that Mark is really looking forward to having a son - especially in a few years when Owen can join him at Scouts.