Sunday, February 15, 2015

My 28th Birthday

Yesterday was not only Valentine's Day but also my 28th birthday!!

We woke up from our Valentine's Eve Camp-In and opened homemade Valentines and birthday cards. We then spent the morning lounging which was wonderful! I felt especially spoiled as Mark and Annabeth cleaned up the tent and bedding while I was able to take a shower alone and do my hair! What a treat!

Mama and Dad got into town around one o'clock and we met them at Benjamin's Coffeehouse for lunch. As always, it was packed, but we were able to get a table and enjoy lunch and hot coffee as the wind and snow blew outside! We decided to just head home after that because it was really, really cold!

Even with the cold, blowing snow, Annabeth wanted to 
sit on the benches with Grandpa Kuhn. 
He complied for a couple of minutes. BRRR!!! 

Once we got home, I was excited to find some birthday cards and birthday presents in the mailbox! We also exchanged Valentine's with Mama and Dad and they brought Mark and me our birthday presents.

We knew better than to go out to eat on Valentine's Day so Mark made potato soup and croissants for dinner! For dessert we enjoyed a cookie cake that Mama and Dad brought from The Great American Cookie Company.

My absolute favorite dessert! 

After dinner, we enjoyed some 2014 home videos and Mama worked on Owen's baby quilt. She even let Annabeth help cross stitch.

Annabeth learning to cross stitch from Grandmama Mimi.
Owen's blanket will be so special! 

I am so thankful for a long, relaxing day spent with some of my favorite people. 28 is off to a wonderful start!

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