Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Camp-In

Before we knew that we were expecting, we had talked about this spring or summer finally taking Annabeth on a camp-out. We had discussed a state park and then finally decided we should try it in our backyard first. With a baby due in June, I realized I would be too big to camp-out this spring so we decided to have a Valentine's Day Camp-In.

We kicked it off with a dinner of hot dogs, fruit, and macaroni salad. Annabeth LOVES hot dogs and ate almost two whole ones! It was impressive!

After dinner, Mark got the tent out and set it up in our living room. After we were all set up, we made indoor s'mores (graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow fluff). It took Annabeth forever to get through half of hers and Mark finally said, "You don't have to eat it if you don't like it." She replied, "Oh good. This makes me want to vomit." No more s'mores for her I guess. 

 She was SO excited to have the tent set up! 
She loves to play in the tent in the yard and it 
seemed to be equally fun in the house. 

 First bite of her s'more - before she knew she didn't like it.
(I thought it would be easier to eat/clean up outside
the tent than inside the tent so we ate outside) 

 We all slept in the tent and Annabeth chose to watch the sleepover episode of Sofia the First before we went to sleep. We turned the tv off around nine and I fell asleep almost right away. However, I had Lakeview flashbacks as I was woken up repeatedly by whispering and giggling. We didn't think that Annabeth would ever fall asleep because she was so excited to to be in the tent!

All ready to "sleep" 

We woke up this morning and shared homemade Valentine's and my birthday cards. Mark was so sweet and even made a special birthday card from Owen! He is so thoughtful!

Our camp-in was a wonderful way to kick off our Valentine's Day and my 28th birthday.

Happy Valentine's Day to you! 

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Mrs. Siegel said...

Love this! I love reading about your adventures...always so creative! :)